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Unique and blunt: exactly as Tuscany

Every time it is served on plate with mixed cold cuts, Finocchiona shows its uniqueness and character. The character comes from the flavour of the ingredient that gives the name and main taste to this salami, whose production is allowed only within Tuscany: fennel seeds.
Finocchiona mirrors the character of Tuscan people, their authenticity and bluntness, and is appreciated all over the world. A true and genuine salami sort, praised for its genuineness and for its authentic taste, bound to the history and tradition of Tuscan farming. If you happen to sit at a table in a wine cellar or inn in Florence, Siena, Arezzo or Lucca, it is quite likely that you’ll hear some of the customers call for the waiter and ask: “Could we have two more slices? But only the Finocchiona, please!”

The Tuscan type

A disposition that doesn’t suit touchy people: edgy and talented, as were Gino Bartali and Mario Monicelli. Like an unexpected gag, that reaches the bones without touching the skin. Finocchiona is exactly like this: it may be a shock at first, but then it leaves you with a pleasant and persistent taste in the mouth, one that you’ll never forget.

Butchers, innkeepers, wine makers, restaurant owners in Tuscany are not just background characters: they are the main actors. They embody the unique experience each single customer has the pleasure to enjoy at each visit. Because in this land, by tradition, guests are first checked and tested and then, and only then, if they deserve it, they are treated like royals. That’s why we believe that Finocchiona, for its very Tuscan-like nature, deserves the title of queen among the salami sorts of this wonderful region.

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