Macaroni salad, celery pesto, PGI Finocchiona and PDO Pecorino Toscano – A Gabriele Andreoni recipe

Ingredients for 4 serves:

  • 200 gr macaroni
  • Leaves of 1 celery
  • 4 PGI Finocchiona slices
  • 100 gr PDO Pecorino Toscano
  • 30 gr pine nuts
  • 50 gr olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic


For the celery pesto:

Poach thoroughly washed celery leaves in salted water.

Cool them in water and ice.

Toast the pine nuts (leave some of them aside for plating).

Blend celery leaves with oil, pine nuts, garlic and some pecorino and adjust the texture with water.

For macaroni salad:

Cook macaroni in the same water as celery leaves and reach the desired cooking level (not too much ‘al dente’). Let them cool in water and ice.

Plunge them in the celery pesto for a few minutes.

Dish finishing:

Grate some PDO Pecorino Toscano on a flat dish.

Arrange macaroni as you like; they must have a green appearance.

Decorate with triangles of PGI finocchiona slices and with the remaining toasted pine nuts


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