Small Chianti Classico cannellone, filled with PGI Finocchiona and crispy Savoy cabbage served on a dish of ’plain pasta’ made with Tuscan pecorino and spelt flour – A Fernando Lorenzetti recipe

For plain pastry with pecorino and spelt flour:

  • 40 gr  ’00  flour 220 w
  • 60 gr Garfagnana spelt flour
  • 30 gr pecorino
  • 15 gr Lucca  extra virgin oil
  • 50 water
  • 2 gr Salt

Mix water, salt, oil and pecorino and then add flours. Knead until you get a homogenous mixture. Cover with a film and store in a refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

Roll out the pastry with 1 mm thickness and obtain rounds of about 4 cm diameter, place on a tray with baking paper and cook in the oven at 160° for about 8 minutes.

Chianti classico cannellone :

  • 85 gr chianti classico
  • 15 gr water
  • 10 gr honey
  • 2,5 elastic Sosa

Mix all the ingredients in a pan and amalgamate the powdered gelatine with a whisk.

Heat up and bring the contents to the boil; pour it on a steel tray 2 mm high

Let it cool. Obtain 1 rectangle, cm 16×8.

PGI Finocchiona

Take 60 gr of PGI Finocchiona and finely cut with a knife. Compact and form a cylinder with a 2 cm diameter.

Savoy cabbage:

  • 1 external leave of savoy cabbage
  • Peanut oil

Cut the Savoy cabbage julienne and bleach it in boiling and salted water for about 30 seconds, Let it cool in water and ice. Dry well and fry in peanut oil until it is de-hydrated, drain off and dry with blotting paper.


Place the finocchiona/soppressata cylinder in the middle of a Chianti gelatine rectangle and roll it up to form a cannellone . Cut in 4 pieces of 4 cm each and rest on a dish of plain pasta. Complete by placing the crispy julienne Savoy cabbage on it and serve.


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